Are you working for YOU or YOUR customer?

LAST UPDATED: April 15th, 2019

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I am a fan of small business; even when I was working in corporate sales my manager would always encourage me to chase the bigger accounts.  But, I guess there is emotional satisfaction knowing that my customers that usually are under $25mill in annual sales come to rely on a company like North Star Multimedia to give them sage advice in regards to marketing, branding and improving their overall outreach to their customers.window washer

Today, I was inspired (or, maybe incensed) to compose this article as I was out and about and noticed something significant.

I was picking up some packages at my local UPS store (such a great business model – I have been using them to manage my mail since 2000 wherever I am based out of…) and, there was a window cleaning guy busily washing the windows.  Parked dead center in front of the businessAND, his car and cheap sign on his car were filthy.

You might be saying “so what?”.  This is what is so bad and why so many small businesses fail.  And, the businesses that fail will always blame outside factors.

  1. It is a privilege to work with my customers and I should respect that as I have been hired to improve their business, and by parking dead-center in front of that business I have now made it more difficult for my customer to attract their customers.  Unforgivably inconsiderate.
  2. Many of the marketing services we offer is web design.  I cannot tell you how many times I have worked with a small business that has a crappy website and what they tell me is some person promised them a great website – and, the web designers website was probably crap.  So, they got the website for cheap and even though the designer maybe had intentions of doing one thing, they actually did something else. So, here is this window cleaner on a Monday that has a dirty car and a dirty sign somehow does not impress me that they are really in the cleaning business, right? And, walking by this car, that he parked in front so I could notice, the inside of his car was a total mess.  Do you see the disconnect here?

So, in everything I do I always need to ask myself – Am I respecting my customer’s business and their customers? Have I adequately quoted the entire job that reflects my standards and my customers standards? What can I do better?old man dj with two women

According to the New York Times article, one big reason for small business failure is operational mediocrity Does your business suffer from this?

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