Celebrity Voice-First on your Device

LAST UPDATED: April 16th, 2019

With the announcement and delivery of  a John Legend cameo/audio as your optional voice-first assistant to your mobile device today, in the United States I was able to configure the voice of John Legend as my audio assistant.  It actually ended up being pretty cool.

Want to experience it yourself? Just say, “Hey Google, talk like a Legend,” and you’ll hear John’s voice for select content when you ask the Assistant for jokes or for answers to questions like “What’s the temperature outside?” or “Why is the sky blue?” You’ll also hear John’s voice when you ask about his personality and affinity for music. Give it a go by saying, “Hey Google…”screen grab john legend

    • “Are you John Legend?”
    • “What’s your favorite type of music?”
    • “Who is Chrissy Teigen?”
    • “Tell me a joke.”

All other responses will continue to be in one of the regular Assistant voices. You can also go to your “Assistant voice” in Assistant Settings to switch to John’s melodic voice. After you make the change, listen up—you may hear some fun surprises along the way. (Here’s a couple to get you started…just say “Hey Google, serenade me” or “Hey Google, are we just ordinary people?”)

John’s voice is available as a cameo on all devices that have the Google Assistant, including Google Home speakers and Smart Displays, and on mobile for Android and iOS.

Cameo voices on the Assistant have been one of the top requests we’ve heard from you, and with the help of state-of-the-art speech synthesis model, WaveNet, they’re now a reality. We hope you enjoy hearing John’s voice as the Google Assistant as much as he enjoyed his time in the recording studio. READ MORE FROM GOOGLE HERE

It made me wonder what other “Celebrities” would convince Google they were worthy of such an embedded influence to our daily lives.  I don’t personal understand the Kardashian-fever but I don’t doubt they would want to negotiate a deal.

Personally, I would like the options of Sean Connery, Jason Statham, Jackie Chan or even Yosemite Sam.  Do you remember in the movie WHY HIM, how Kaley Cuoco from the Big Bang Theory was the voice-assistant in James Franco’s house?  LOL

Who would you want as your voice-assist?  Your grandmother maybe?


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