In Search of Living Good (LG)

LAST UPDATED: May 5th, 2020

We love practical technology that improves our daily lives. Always in search of “living good” as the tagline for LG Electronics proclaims.

Sean Attebury - CORE NYCA few years ago a friend had upgraded his  Iphone and also purchased their newest bluetooth earbuds.  I am highly reluctant to accept with any credibility new products that Apple deploys as usually their marketing does not match their product delivery.  But, my first thought is I would surely lose those little bluetooth earbuds more easily than I do my car keys or sunglasses.

Since I work within the promotional products industry, one of my fav vendors sells high quality electronics and I have sold customers bluetooth speakers and other electronics and I have done “self-promos” on their bluetooth headphones. It just so happened I had ordered their “Dripz” product which are bluetooth earbuds with “ear hangers” so in essence you could swim with these in a lap pool.

The Dripz were super comfy but even at my desk I was having difficulty with the left and right buds staying connected to each other so I would hear the music go left to right, left to right and it was really much worse outdoors. I tried a second pair that worked indoors at my desk 98% of the time and I have been using those for Zoom calls connected to my laptop.  But, out on the bike I needed to use the bulky “Beats-like” headphones.  Since I am not looking for any fashion awards on the bike, that was fine but as it gets hotter outside, my ears sweat with the headphones.


Hands-down, easily the best bluetooth earbuds are the TOZO T6! The right price, great fit and function, and easy connectivity to all bluetooth devices!

Rad Rover 5 Electric BikeThis year as I knock on the proverbial old farts door to SIXTY, I purchased an electric fat tire bike (technology)  to help me get back on the saddle of exercise.  There is a paved bike path nearby that allows walkers, hikers, baby strollers and bicycles to enjoy up to 15+ miles without the safety  concerns of automobiles and motorcycles.

Obviously, listening to tunes  is non-negotiable, especially since you do not need to be cognizant of motorized traffic.  My e-bike has a smartphone mount on the handlebars but connecting with my wired headphones is not ideal.

Naturally, if the discussion is about bluetooth and technology, smartphones are part of that discussion.  Without going into a long diatribe while I would never own an Iphone and how I hope to never own a Samsung phone, I have had a very, very satisfied experience with my LG V30 and now the LG-G8X smartphones.  So, as Apple sells their $299 BT earbuds to pair up with their Iphone, I immediately assumed the same level of satisfaction and compatibility with the LG HBS-FL7 with my LG-G8x and other bluetooth devices  that are a part of my lifestyle. NOT SO JOE!

IMMEDIATELY, the LG buds did not seem to fit mostly because your instincts tell you they must fit  in your ear canal not the inner ear lobe.  I tried the larger sleeve to fill the area in the inner lobe and if you sneezed they would fall right out?  WTF?  Immediately, like pronto, I knew I needed to return these for a refund but getting refunds on electronics is not easy.

I told myself, shoot, I just paid $165 for these and they sound good even tho they do not fit well.  Maybe I can just do Zoom calls from my laptop and NOT MOVE MY HEAD.  hahahahah   Turns out through multiple DM/s with LG’s Customer Service via Facebook, we all found out together that these are ONLY compatible with smartphones…..OMG  Engineering fail!

I submitted a professional but informative review on the LG website informing folks that these earbuds were ONLY compatible with smartphones which is absolutely ridiculous.  The list price on the LG earbuds is $199 but they were marked down to $149.  The next day the full price was back up and today they were marked down again and they did finally publish my honest review.

Speaking of reviews….without actual facts but you can tell the most of the positive reviews on the LG website and certainly Amazon are absolutely fakes.  Only the one and two star reviews are legit.

After enough screaming and hollering and threatening to submit a claim to the FTC, I finally received my RMA from LG and with a shipping label and their commitment to a full refund.   I think I really did them a favor.  How does a company spend $millions in developing a new product and not properly test for fit and function?  Scratching my head big  time.

I jumped back on Amazon and typed in Bluetooth earbuds and found the TOZO T6’s with over 11,000 reviews!  HOLY SMOKES…I ordered the slightly more expensive pair with IPX* waterproof standard for sweating on my bike.  Immediately, they fit perfectly and worked perfectly on my e-bike.

In these current COVID-19 times, I do regret we are so dependent on China exports for so many things, but, this is a great example of quality and price seem to supersede everything.

I am now living good but not with LG earbuds.  Still a big fan of their other products though!  Time to jump on the bike!

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