LG G8X ThinQ Review

LAST UPDATED: November 2nd, 2019

The LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen mobile phone – Is it the practical trend or DOA?

Images of the new ATT LG G8X ThinQ

With almost zero fanfare, in my daily scarfing of web content, there was a post sharing that AT&T was doing a promotional release of the new LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen mobile phone.  Get through all the fine print and for an existing line, it was going to cost me $799 which included the phone, the case with the extra screen.

My daily driver for the past couple of years has been my first LG phone, the V30 and I was pleasantly surprised how it has become my fav phone with zero heartache.  Phones are very personal to most people as we are in some respects more intimate with our phones than spouses and/or family members.  This review is not about tech specs or with the intent to be an “influencer”, but, as a service due to very little real world content and chatter about this phone is available.

When I purchase a new car, I have an immediate check-list of “farkles” that need to be completed asap to make my ride personalized; window tint, solid tunes, tires and custom exhaust if applicable.

Same with my phones; they MUST be able to do this for me:

  • Wireless charging is a must
  • Minimum of a 3500uah battery
  • Be able to use a Launcher app, and it must be the NOVA Launcher.  If you don’t use a launcher, I cannot sell you on the benefits, but if you use a launcher, you probably use a NOVA Launcher.
  • Good camera but more importantly good software that drives the camera.  For the most part, all these Iphone, Samsung and now Pixel 4 advertisements are selling phone features….This phone and most of the top-end phones are going to have the Android package that gives you all those phone features.  This new LG G8X and dark or low-light adaptability, studio portrait modes, etc.  No big thing.  Most people actually don’t even know how to use that stuff.
  • Solid screen renderings….I get confused with all the specs but all I need to know if stuff looks good.  With the new LG G8X, stuff looks really good.  The second screen seems slightly degraded but I will get into that later.
  • The right size – I was an early adopter to the large phone with the Note 2, 4 and 5 but the $1000+ Note 8 was too much and I returned it promptly.  That got me into the LG V30 which was much smaller but I actually embraced the smaller size as long as the screen resolution was good.  The V30 was just fine.   The new LG G8X is a tad larger but I believe this is the absolute sweet spot for smartphone dimensions.

I was really due for a new phone and it seemed the LG V50 was not going to be picked up by AT&T and rumors were there was going to be a V60.  I had read some reviews of the G8 and it seemed ok, but maybe a slight downgrade to the V series.

Cracked Screen on LG G8X ThinQSamsung and a few other Chinese OEM’s are hard-pressed to get everyone excited about a folding screen phone.  I just scratch my head because it is already almost impossible to not have any screen damage with a regular phone, let alone a folding screen phone.

Case-in-point I received my LG G8X ThinQ on Monday, October 25th and my second screen with case was due to arrive the end of the week.  So, I went out to two different AT&T Corporate stores and no wonder there is no hype for this phone.  Iphone this and that, Samsung this and that, and now Pixel 4 this and that.  I get it, limited real estate in a retail store but when I asked about where the LG phone cases were, the retail staff looked at me like I was a martian.  Net result no cases available.

Jumping on Amazon I found $5 cases but the ETA was mid-December!  Whaaaat?  I ordered one anyway.  The phone is super slippery thus I had my first casualty only owning the phone a day.  Fortunately, it is the back side of the phone and so I won’t have to look at it in it’s eventual case or the dual screen case.

Having a few days with the phone before receiving the dual-screen case, I can attest to the actual LG G8X ThinQ phone itself is a great phone that ticks all the boxes for me.  I am especially happy not spending $1000+ for a new phone which seems to be a trend that I am not wanting to participate in.


HTC ProI have always been interested in the most current technologies and smartphone purchases have always be rationalized and justified.  This new LG G8X ThinQ reminds me of I believe it was a Motorola or HTC phone that had some of the same nuances but without the horsepower of today’s phones.

When I received my case that also has the second screen embedded into the case molding, I was impressed how everything “fit”.   Right away as I unfolded the case with my new phone inserted the left screen populate with an active screen; albeit different from my home screen.

Intuitively, a person would then open and close the case a few times to experience the results.  I suspect the very first question people have as I did and still wonder about  – what is the outside screen about?

It seems it has the features of it’s own AOD (always on display) which will reflect any email icons, etc but you cannot customize it and once the screen goes dark, you cannot prompt it to do anything.  I am quite flummoxed for it’s role and the LG site and all the reviews never talk about the outside screen.

LG G8X Dual Case
LG G8X Dual Case

I am not a gamer but I did download and install Asphalt 9, a car racing game and it seemed to recognize and engage the console.  If I was a gamer, I think this would be super-useful and popular.  The other feature I tried was loading up Hulu on the second screen and the experience is very much like a mini-laptop.  For traveling on planes, I actually really like this feature to watch a movie on my food tray with the screen tilted as I need.

The case with the second screen is very robust and I think the retail price for it is $150+. Day-to-day I probably will not load up my phone with the second screen and case.  In fact, I could not get the wireless charging to work 100% with the case and you also cannot charge your primary phone with a plugin while in the case.


I think moving forward people are so easily manipulated to believing what their needs are versus actual wants.  I know tons of people that swear by smart watches…I refuse to own one even tho I think the custom watch faces are cool.  I don’t need a TV remote that I can talk to change the channel.  OK Google does make me a safer driver when used correctly.

So, is a FOLDING screen that makes my phone bigger a need or want?  If I was a gamer, this would be a no brainer.  As a daily driver, do I need two screens?  No.  Is it nice?  Actually, as a single hand-held phone opened up it is a little un-wielding.  But, you can reverse flip the case and use it as a regular phone, albeit a super-beefy phone.

It was a good purchase for me.  $800 for Android 9, a fast processor and 4000muh battery ticks the boxes.  The stock phone has 128mb of storage and I added my own 128mb card.  Plenty of storage.  LG has DAC audio quality which I appreciate.  Top quality handset.  I would recommend even if I only use the dual case (once I receive my single case from China) infrequently.


LG G8X ThinQ Review

LG G8X ThinQ Review

LG G8X ThinQ Review

LG G8X ThinQ Review








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