The United States registered voter landscape changes by the minute. As President Trump was most likely elected through smart advertising via Facebook, the real story is why the Trump campaign embraced social media and the Clinton campaign did not.

It's not personal. It's strictly business.
Michael Corleonefrom The Godfather

Washington D.C. hosts the the largest concentration of political consulting firms serving political action committees in the country, but, how does that help your candidate in Fargo, North Dakota or Las Vegas, Nevada?

North Star Multimedia has a proven record of working with political action committees and supporting winning campaigns in Alaska, Nevada, Texas and California.  Our target groups should have a budget of $25K -$250K which will allow us to analyze and devise a custom but proven approach to supplement your campaign interests.

The dilemma we are constantly working with is that rookie campaigns get too emotionally involved in the brand and deployment of the campaign.  Let us design a professional brand that will resonate with your constituents. Then, let us do a budget breakout to best determine the allocation of funds to reach your voters.


  • Direct Mail
  • Smart Website
  • Billboards
  • Hard Signage
  • Social Media