mobile phones are dead to me memeIf you are at least over 25 years old, maybe you remember the now meme-worthy line in the movie The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment telling Bruce “I see dead people…”.  Out of context, it is funny today.  But, what is not funny is how Samsung and Apple have basically eliminated all competition in the USA mobile phone markets and they are no longer innovating PHONES.  That’s right – PHONES!

mobile phone /mō′bəl, -bēl″, -bīl″/


  1. A portable telephone that connects with the telephone network over radio wave transmission.
  2. A hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver.

Of course, corporately it is all about the money and the trend really for the past 5+ years is almost 100% sell a camera that also makes calls.  Good for you spending $1000+ for your new Iphone that takes cool pics, but it will never be a professional camera.

Here is a novel concept – how about like in the early stages where you could hardly wait to trade in your device early from the mandatory 2-year contract for innovative and productive software?  The general consumer is so lazy and ignorant that all they do is install Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Amazon apps on their phones so these corporate digital rapists can retrieve and share your data for $1000’s.  I tell my friends to UNINSTALL those apps and just access from a browser, but they are so brainwashed they think I am crazy.

After I was a multi-generational user of the Samsung Notes series, when they forcibly introduced “Bixby” into their phone, I immediately returned that phone.  Then, I happily stayed in the LG space for multiple phone generations, and those were good phones with innovation features.  After it was announced that LG was basically being squeezed out of the mobile phone market, I actually went to the local AT&T store to see what the options were…OMG…what happened?  The stores no longer carry in-stock premium phones and all they can sell are iPhones, Google Pixels and Samsung.  It was quite depressing.

I ended up in the Sony phone space mostly because for the most part they are just trying to survive in the phone market.  Sony rides the coattails of their successful camera and camera sensor market, but their non-premium $800 phone is an actual phone. No Siri, no Alexa, and no Bixby, thank you very much!

But, my real point is that I can see things clear as a bell.  Mobile phone companies are lazy and addicted to the profit margins they can build by selling the next camera phone.  And, people really believe that $1000 phone will take a better selfie as the buffalo gores you after you disregarded the warning signs. I do not see a bright future for mobile phones that are innovative with their productivity software and interface.  Everyone screams for a plugin audio port, dual SIMM cards and memory card slots, non-breakable screen and reasonable battery life….but, sorry Mr. Trillionaire Apple, we will sell you want we want to sell you!  And, Mr. Google, we don’t really care about our phones we just want to data mine you as effectively as possible.  And, Miss Samsung, you will NEVER EVER be as sexy as the IPHONE and Apple, so take off all that ugly makeup!

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