Creative flashlight for local Volvo Dealership
Creative flashlight promo for local Volvo Dealership

Tired of the same old marketing tactics? North Star Multimedia injects life into your campaigns with cutting-edge web design, stellar photography, and brilliant branding. This veteran-owned agency thinks outside the box to captivate your audience of 1,000+ and turn them into loyal customers.

While other agencies stick to the status quo, we combine imagination with expertise to create integrated marketing programs that truly resonate. Our creative firepower helps businesses of all sizes unlock their full potential online. We’ve enabled numerous clients to thrive in competitive markets they never dreamed possible.

At North Star Multimedia, we believe marketing should inspire. Let us energize your brand with multimedia magic. The sky’s the limit when you have the right marketing partner guiding you to new heights.

Company Background

North Star Multimedia is the entrepreneurial vision of Robert Baker affording over 35+ years of professional experiences in marketing, sales and photography. From his humble marketing beginnings of driving pedicab in the jungles of Waikiki, to being a regional account manager responsible for over $10mill in annual sales, to opening his own creative marketing shop in Alaska.

The birth of the Internet and social media has demanded companies rethink standard marketing campaigns and show their customers they are equally innovative, high tech, and as ‘fun’ as the customers they target. Think different, package different, and design different. “Out-of-the-box’ campaigns are no longer reserved for radical and rebellious niche markets.

Don’t be afraid if we ask you the question: Do you, Mr/Ms Customer, want to be right or do you want to achieve marketing success?

Status quo finishes last. Call while there is still time.