North Star Multimedia has consulted with 100’s of business owners / leaders feel that their marketing efforts are OK, but they know that they could be better – they just don’t how how. If you’re in the same boat, it may be time to examine your marketing setup and look at new options. There are three routes you can take – OPTION 1: Continue to do it yourself, OPTION 2: Hire a marketing specialist or OPTION 3: Outsource some or all of the tactics to a marketing agency.

Your budget, as well as your specific business and marketing goals, are likely the most important factors affecting your decision. Each option has pros and cons and so, to help you down this path of discovery, we’ve created quick guide to help you compare your options.

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If you are, then you understand the dynamic and delicate balance of allocating your annual budget for television, social media and a variety of visual mediums with the intention of maximizing your “views” and R.O.I.

Direct mail mock graphicWe are passionate about our unique marketing solution that typically generates an 8-10% R.O.I. with at least a $100K budget.  We target the middle class in cities that are 1-5 million adults with an average household income of $90K+.

What is our recipe?  We assimilate your brand into a clean and simple message with a call to action.  Minimal text and strong visuals.  Then, we choreograph a digital billboard campaign that matches the message of a direct mail campaign in the same area that the billboards display.

The key is that the message is matched or mirrored for both pieces.  We can update the message monthly and orchestrate the mail and the billboards to drop the new message on the same day! Your customer is driving home and see your message on the digital billboard and then gets home and opens their mail and also receives your message there!

Billboard Sample

We have well-established contracts to place billboard advertising anywhere in the country at discounted rates. (Certain $ minimum requirements may apply)

We can do direct mail anywhere in the continental United States (lower 48) at a cost of usually around .60ea piece that includes design, printing and postage!

Reach out to us if you are ready to work smarter versus harder! What that means is to spend less, get more and measure your results with North Star Multimedia!