In the early part of 2016 we were contracted by several Super PAC’s (Political Action Committees) to deploy $100,000’s for various Facebook ad campaigns in efforts to generate more interaction from like-minded voters who would contribute to support the legislators the PAC’s were created for.

Facebook users had not yet  discovered how Facebook was rampantly selling user information on such a large scale, it was more than just printing money.  It was soon to be discovered buying elections. Trump’s web guy was the lead innovator on how to precisely target certain demographics, while the Clinton campaign sort of ignored Facebook.  You know who got elected….

In our contracted Facebook advertising campaign what we saw first hand was even though the Facebook ads garnered tons of traffic, 99% of all that traffic was hostile, combative and NOT supporters of the message.  It DID NOT translate to fundraising or friendly voting.

The analogy between a cancer running amok in an individual and the spread of social media in today’s society is an apt one, and certainly not a hyperbolic claim. The normal human body cell’s capacity to grow and repair is essential for human life. But when normal cell growth becomes excessive, unregulated and uncoordinated, cancer arises, thereby destroying the individual from within. This is precisely what social media is doing to the society now.

From a benign technology helping people to connect friends and family, the social media has now grown rapidly and excessively, with tentacles malignantly spreading to every part of the society.

Social media hooks people, and it is very difficult for anyone to completely wean themselves off Social media now. Social media companies know a lot about issues that trigger people’s emotions, drive traffic and engagement. Their algorithms are designed to rile up people, drive them to echo chambers and chain people to their ‘addictive dens’ much like a drug den.

Unfortunately, for all those corporate climbers in marketing with the prestigious MBA’s and PhD’s in marketing they perpetuate the values of “views” and “clicks” but, at North Star Multimedia we have direct experience, this does not translate to long-term customers. We fight the war every day when in America every 3rd advert on television is for some crazy miracle drug. Professional news channels can only validate their news stories by stating, “this story got 1 gillion views on TikTok…” When did TikTok replace the Edward R. Murrow standard for professional news journalism.

At North Star Multimedia, we are seeing traditional marketing methods generate greater effectiveness. Strategic direct mail, compelling digital billboards, and mostly getting back to the people to people business. When is the last time you wrote a note and said “THANK YOU” to your customer(s)?

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” – John F. Kennedy

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