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Website DesignNorth Star Multimedia offers professional Las Vegas web design, promotional products and full service printing to companies that budget at least 10% of their gross sales towards marketing and growing their respective businesses.  We specialize in business WordPress  website design that includes advanced SEO techniques to ensure your customers can find you on the web. Additionally we offer domain email and web hosting along with monthly web analytics reporting as part of our standard package.

We are an affiliate with IPromoteU, the fastest growing ASI/PPAI promotional products distributor in the country serving all 50 states and Canada.

Yes, we offer the ever-popular corporate pens, mugs, padfolios and other promotional products and so much more.  Our particular strength is to incorporate strong branding and design into your promotional products ensuring  your branded message has great impact.


e are so excited to become an official ASI/PPAI certified promotional products distributor. Our investment to become a part of IPROMOTEU; the largest growing promotional products distributor in the US, we can bring tremendous pricing and inventory to our customers.

With today’s internet access, many of our customers are not really aware of the value and protection by utilizing a PPAI certified promotional products distributor. They just jump on the internet, shop for the best price and place their order. Potentially, that could go very wrong.

Promotional consultants develop solutions to marketing challenges through the innovative use of promotional products and are a resource to corporate buyers, marketing professionals and others wanting to increase brand awareness, tradeshow traffic, employee retention and more. There are more than 20,000 consultant firms in the industry.

Supplier firms manufacture, import, convert, imprint or otherwise produce or process products offered for sale through promotional consultants. There are more than 3,600 supplier companies in the promotional products industry. Go to to learn more why there is a $billion dollar industry growing annually by building and marketing your company’s success!

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hat is a “responsive” website you might ask? A “responsive” website in today’s nomenclature is referring to your company website’s ability to “respond” to different sized browser windows; i.e. smartphones, tablets, netbooks, notebooks and desktop browsers successfully.

Should be no big whoop, right? Wrong! Over the past 15+ years in our web development and design, we are now producing 99% of all company websites using the WordPress CMS platform. This translates to tremendous costs savings to the customers. In the past a robust CMS (content management system) that was hand-coded might run a business anywhere from $25k – $5mill. Professionally deployed (many people think they know how to develop a WordPress site but really do not have the experience and then leave you and your business hanging out to dry), most of our websites run $2500 – $10,000 depending on what they want the website to do.

Forbes featured a piece, ‘Why You Need To Prioritize Responsive Design Now’ where the importance was made clear that having a mobile version of your website isn’t enough anymore. Jody Resnick, President of Trighton Interactive stated in his interview with Forbes, “Responsive websites simplify internet marketing and SEO. Instead of having to develop and manage content for multiple websites, businesses with responsive sites can take a unified approach to content management because they have only the one responsive site to manage.

In that price range and process, we want all of our customers to have a website that renders accurately on smartphone and tablets and all browsers. Internet Explorer is still the nemesis for web developers and we typically only guarantee browser compliance for IE9+.

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rinting has come along way baby! In many ways it has become simpler but more complex. For the baby-boomers in the house, growing up you would visit the same gas service station because they would pump your gas, check the air in your tires and send you on your way.

The local print shop was the same way. A small business did not need to understand plate seperation, CMYK, bonded or spot UV coatings. You just trusted them to give you a nice brochure and business card and you got on with your day.

Today, with advanced digital printing, the printing applications seem limitless and growing everyday. At North Star Multimedia, we pride ourselves and keeping current on the print trends and also offering competitive pricing for all print applications from business cards to brochures to letterhead to banners to calendars.

Many times a local customer will feel conflicted with using our services versus a local printer. If the local printer is not setup for “gang-printing”, we can typically deliver the product twice as fast and for half the cost. And, a higher quality.

We realize you are stuck at a traffic light and see a poster-sign advertising $20 for 1000 business cards or postcards. We will not compete with that. We bring advanced design services coupled with commercial grade printing to offer you a competitive but consistent branding of your company marketing materials.

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f you have made it this far reading the landing page for North Star Multimedia, you probably fall into the 1% category. We realize 90% of the people visiting our website will read one or two sentences and maybe or maybe not click a graphic. That is today’s ADD web audience. The same holds true for most marketing efforts.

When we first meet with a new client, we communicate that with most marketing tools, we have about 10-15 seconds to grab their attention. The potential customer is looking for information. Did we give them the information in an engaging and productive way?

Many smaller companies fragment their brand by having one firm manage their website, the local printer produce their business cards and brochures, the local sign shop produce their banners and maybe a promotional products person handle their pens and promos.

At North Star Multimedia we offer you all the major benefits of a large advertising agency at a much lower cost and greater attentive service. We maintain and groom your brand. We stay current on marketing trends and inform and help customers adjust to the current and dynamic marketplace. “One-Stop-Shop” gets overplayed but we are that company. CALL US TODAY!

Are you ready to crank up your marketing program? Just remember, if you keep doing the same thing over and over and over, and expecting different results – that is called INSANITY!

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