Promotional Products Rawk!

The Mission Statement for North Star Multimedia has always been to provide innovative multimedia marketing products to our customers. We have been a long time fan of “promotional products” and in 2013 we became an affiliate with IPromoteU, the fastest growing promotional products distributor in the country.

Immediately we were able to bring an unlimited vendor base and the backbone of resources to competitively bid on any promotional product opportunity. Through this partnership, we now have our official ASI and PPAI membership affiliation. The average customer might not recognize the value of dealing with a PPAI member but the Association continues to grow and develop vendors that meet the high standards for quality, safety and value.

In today’s internet, it is quite easy to just shop online but will your order arrive on time? What if your order is damaged or the artwork was rendered incorrectly?

Don’t be “penny-wise and pound-foolish”!  Call us today to learn more! (702) 359-5054

The Power of Promo Pens!